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About Lockey Mechanical Digital door locks

The Lockey Digital brand has been on the market now for 39 years, it is the original digital door lock of its design.

Manufactured in Japan it is regarded by most to be the best quality digital door lock on the market.

Now days there are many very cheap copies available, some claiming to be the original ‘so beware’ you get what you pay for!

Lockey Mechanical Digital door locks are recommended when the need for quality & reliability rises above the dreaded cost factor.

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Privacy Policy


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What are your rights?

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If you are not satisfied with our response or believe we are processing your personal data not in accordance with the law you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Our Data Protection representative is Michele Fenton and you can contact them at


About your code

Your lock comes with a factory set code. You can change your code easily.

Your code group is not sequential. You can press your code group in any order as long as you always pre-fix with the C to clear button. This will still give you as many as 8,000 different code groups or in the case of the ‘Little Lockey L220 & L235’ 5,000 different code groups.

You can only have 1 code in your lock.

The Lockey Super 8s allow you to use the same digit twice eg C12244 etc. All the others are single digits.

Code change instructions

For all locks (excluding the Super 8 series) use the Standard lockey code change instructions.

For Super 8 Series only use the Super 8 Series code change instructions.

Before replacing your lock back on the door after code change test the code.

When fitting the lock back on the door ensure you follow the instructions to place the spindle at the correct angle.

About fitting your Digital Door lock

All the parts you need are supplied with your lock including a template for drilling the door.

The parts supplied with your lock will suit a maximum door thickness of 55mm.

The term back set (eg 60mm back set) refers to the measured distance between the edge of the door to the centre of the lock. When determining if you have enough width to fit your lock use the back set measurement plus the remainder of the lock width.

When installing your lock or re-fitting after code change, ensure you position the spindle in the correct angle (see instructions provided with your lock) or follow the link in ‘About your code’.

About specifying hand of opening

All the locks have reversible handing which you can easily do. They all come set for right hand opening. If the door is hinged on the left from the keypad side, change to left hand opening (see instructions provided).

About using outside
All the locks are suitable for inside & outside use. Although we do recommend the SC (satin chrome) finish for the outside.

About Key bypass/key override
The Lockey 2435KD has key override, a good idea if you have a few locks installed all with different codes. Management, security or maintenance can have the key option rather than have to know all the codes.

About the hold back facility
The hold back facility works by width drawing the latch bolt (to open) and pushing the snib on the inside to hold it there. This allows free entry (without pressing the code) if required. The hold back facility can be disconnected if not required.

About the passage function
The passage function (only on 1150, 1650 & 2835) allows you free entry (without pressing the code) but does not width draw the latch, so you would use the lock like a normal knob or lever set.

The passage function can be disconnected if not required.

To set the passage function Press C (to clear) the very top right hand button marked R and then your code.

To unset the passage function press the very top right hand button marked R and then C (to clear).

Explaining the abbreviations of finishes/colours and other

SC – Satin Chrome, BB – Bright Brass, AB – Antique Brass, JB – Jet Black, AC – Antique Copper

DS – Double Sided, NL – Front only supplied to operate with rim night latches or fire exit hardware

KD – Keyed different, KA – Keyed alike, KM – Keyed to master