Combination Dial Locker Lock


A Mechanical Combination dial locker lock

The dial locker lock allows the end user to set and change their own 4-digit entry code with up to 10,000 unique combinations and an innovative code finding function which allows emergency access in the event of lost or forgotten codes. A simple button allows the user to set/re-set their own code.

A unique switch on the rear of the lock allows it to be set for left or right hand operation reducing stock and cost. This makes it ideal for various applications including Lockers and Metal Office Furniture.

Fitting is made easy by the industry footprint.

  • Number of codes: 10,000 (4 wheel combination)
  • Material: Zinc Diecast, powder coated finish
  • Standard finish: Nickel plated housing, soft touch collar, stainless steel face plate
  • Panel thickness: 12mm
  • Standard movement: 01, 02 (setting for left or right hinged doors via switch on the back of the lock)
  • Anti turn feature (cannot be forced)
  • Can fixing – 8mm Sq, with M4 thread
  • Various cams available
  • Code changeable


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