Sentry Infra red Beams


Sentry Infra red beams are a safety device that will detect movement by way
of a vehicle, person or certain other objects breaking the beam.
This will then activate the equipment it is connected to so it will not
close, lower etc.

They can also be connected to a sounder which will activate when the beam is broken
ie across a open door way, to warn someone has entered the premises.

  • Power supply 12v-24 AC/DC
  • Power consumption TX-10mA RX-37mA
  • Distance/range between beams 0 to 15 mtr
  • Alignment within 30CM2 @ 15mtr
  • Operating temp -10 to 55c
  • Sensitivity 0, 36mW @ 840 nM
  • Frequency 750 HZ
  • Modulated 840 nM IR light
  • Contacts potential free C/O 1A
  • Output 30mW
  • Standby & operating current 18mA @ 12v or AC/DC, approx
  • Size TX/RX 45mm x 90mm x 35mm
  • Weight TX 25g RX 40g

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