Sentry 3 channel Transmitter French rolling code SEN/R/T3


Sentry 3 channel Transmitter French rolling code

Sentry 3 channel transmitter French Rolling code short range frequency @433.92 MHz, range up to 100 metres in clear line of sight.

French Rolling code dip switch coding (1,048,576 combinations, 28 bit)

Sentry 3 channel transmitter. (Unlimited number of transmitters can be used with each receiver, all transmitters must be set to the same dip switch code)

  • 1 & 3 button
  • Key fob type
  • Cased in high quality ABS / PVC
  • 433.92 MHz
  • Surface mounted technology
  • SAW resonator stabilised
  • Power by ready available internal 12v batteries (L1028 12 volt)
  • Output power +1- 0,25mW.
  • Stability + 1- 50 KHz.
  • Size- 65mm x 32mm x 14mm.
  • Range up to l00 meters clear line of sight (dependent).
  • * Code Hopping transmitters & receivers are not compatible with French Rolling.

Some of the obvious benefits of using Sentry remotes are:

  • Total convenience
  • Quality and reliability
  • Eliminating the need for excessive wiring (keeping installation and maintenance costs down)
  • Fob transmitters, 1, 3 & 4 channel
  • Easy to program (enter and delete users)
  • The ease of opening and closing doors, raising and lowering barriers and shutters
  • To assist the lesser able
  • Calling attention in a panic situation
  • Activating various types of alarms
  • Used as an accessory with many different electrical products both in industry and in the home
  • Always having the switch in your hand, pocket or around your neck
  • Sentry remote have all UK & European approvals EN 300 220-1, MPT 1340 & MPT 1344, BAPT ZV 125 & ETS 300 683

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