SEN/H1000/R1 -1 channel Sentry Code Hopping Receiver 1000 users


 Sentry Code Hopping Receiver

Sentry code hopping receiver 1000 users/transmitters

Short range frequency @433.92 MHz, range up to 100 metres in clear line of sight.

The Sentry SEN/H1000 is an advanced receiver designed for access solutions where a large user base is present. It allows on board programming via the LED format display for simple entering and deleting of up to 1000 Code Hopping transmitters.

Compatible with Code Hopping transmitters, factory coded (over 260 million combinations, 66 bit) 1, 3 & 4 channel transmitters and 1 & 3 channel receivers. (Up to 32 transmitters can be used with each 1 channel receiver and up to 8 transmitters with each 3 channel receiver) for up to 1000 users the SEN/H1000/R1, All transmitters have their own individual unique code)

  • 1 channel with LED display
  • 433.92 MHz
  • Memory 1000 slots
  • Surface mounted technology
  • SAW resonator stabilised
  • Pulse
  • Normally opened/normally closed contacts
  • AC or DC
  • External power12 to 24v required
  • Sensitivity 11 OdBm +
    Potential free relay outputs
  • Change over
  • 5 Amp rated relay contact (dry)
  • Non volatile memory chip

* Code Hopping transmitters & receivers are not compatible French Rolling.

Some of the obvious benefits of using Sentry remotes are:

  • Total convenience
  • Quality and reliability
  • Eliminating the need for excessive wiring (keeping installation and maintenance costs down)
  • Fob transmitters, 1, 3 & 4 channel
  • Easy to program (enter and delete users)
  • The ease of opening and closing doors, raising and lowering barriers and shutters
  • To assist the lesser able
  • Calling attention in a panic situation
  • Activating various types of alarms
  • Used as an accessory with many different electrical products both in industry and in the home
  • Always having the switch in your hand, pocket or around your neck
  • Sentry remote have all UK & European approvals EN 300 220-1, MPT 1340 & MPT 1344, BAPT ZV 125 & ETS 300 683


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