Lockey LD2000 Key Override retrofit


The Lockey LD2000 Key Override retrofit will ‘easily’

Retrofit with your existing and newly purchased Lockey Digital 2000 series knob versions 2210, 2430, 2435, 2430DS (double sided) and lever handle versions 2835 & 2835DS (double sided) to add instant Key override facility as either Keyed different or Keyed alike.

NO additional installation is required! The Lockey LD2000 Key Override retrofit will simply fit directly behind the Lockey Digital key pad, either on one side or to achieve double sided combination for gates with key override from inside & outside.

Sold separately for new and existing installations.

2 x keys supplied
Manufactured from aluminium it is suitable for internal and external applications

Easily reversible from right to left hand opening.

Dimensions: L 205 mm x W 64mm x D 50mm (at deepest point)

 *For doors or gates over 45mm thick please order an extension spindle in addition product ref EXSPIN2000


Lockey LD2000

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