Digital Door Locks & Mechanical Keyless Locks

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digital keysafe

Lockey LKS200 Small Digital Key Safe


Lockey Digital Key Safe for 1 to 2 keys

  • Standard size suitable for 2 keys maximum (dependant on key size)
  • Overall length 140mm overall width 50mm overall depth including knob 60mm
  • Inside length available for key 80mm inside width 40mm & inside depth 12mm
  • The Standard size Lockey Key Safe is currently available in four finishes ‘brown, green, satin chrome and terracotta’ to blend in with various different settings


Our Lockey Digital Key Safe has been designed utilizing an existing Lockey product, to maintain the Lockey Digital standard of quality and to ensure Lockey Digital reliability and performance.

The Key Safe can be used to store & share house keys, shed, lock up & garage keys, padlock & emergency keys.

Especially convenient for remote sites or when it’s not always possible for physical key handovers.

It allows only people with the correct code to gain access to a key or keys by entering their chosen code combination.

The code can be changed quickly & easily.

By using the passage free option ‘it’s easy to re-lock without having to re-enter the code.

Operates like a digital door lock and looks like a digital door lock. They can be used indoors & outdoors, preferably installed in a concealed, discreet position.

Used by & for:

Care workers, trades men, cleaners, holiday home hand overs, children to name but a few examples.

The key safe comes supplied with the necessary fixing screws to wall mount, & spare code tumbler to change the code.

Additional Information

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Click here to download code change instructions

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