Lockey intumescent kit


Lockey intumescent kit FD30/FD60

Lockey digital door locks ref  2430, 2435, 2435K, 2430DS, 2835 & 7055 have been tested/assessed in conjunction with the Lockey intumescent kit to  BS EN 1634-1: 2014 or BS 476: part 22 and BS EN 1363-1: 2012 for installation on 30 & 60 minute fire rated timber door sets.

It was established that when installed with the Lockey intumescent kit provided by Lockey as long as the recommendations given in the assessment report 375139 be followed,  that Lockey Digital Door Locks as detailed within the report may be fitted to previously tested or assessed single or double leaf fire rated timber door sets, without detracting from the overall performance of the door set.

The tests were carried out by Exova Warrington Fire.

The intumescent kit has been customised from 1mm self adhesive graphite for ease of installation, and includes templates & fitting instructions to ensure installation is carried out as per the test/assessment requirements.

The purpose of using intumescent  is to protect weak points of the door caused by installing door hardware helping to prevent the spread of fire by expanding when heated to preserve the lock and seal any gaps.

The intumescent is wrapped around various pieces of the ironmongery so it acts as an insulator.

*For existing installations that have been prepped with a 36mm hole please refer to our assessment report No 375139 by Exova Warrington Fire, which is available on request.

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