Gate Closers GC200, 400, 600


Lockey Gate Closers GC200, 400 600 are an economic and reliable hydraulic gate closer for use with commercial and domestic gates.

Unlike normal closing springs, the Lockey Gate Closers do not slam gates shut. They firmly and quietly push gates closed, making them ideal for use with electric/magnetic locks, and other latching devices including Lockey digital door locks.

The gate closer closing speed is pre-set to give a controlled closing time; this can vary slightly depending on the weight of the gate and condition of the hinges.

Easy fit to…

timber or steel gates from 0.8 m to 2.0 m wide and 50 up to 150 kg in weight.

Installation essentials
Here are a few essentials that will ensure your installation is successful.
1. Make sure hinges are freely moving and lubricated

2.Test the gate swing to find out if the gate drops and repair if necessary

3. Make sure post and gate are vertically and horizontally aligned

4. Post and gate bracket must be horizontally aligned

5. Fit one gate stop (normally the lock performs this function) to restrict the swing of
the gate from passing through the post line when the gate closes.
A second gate stop to restrict the opening angle of the gate to 90 degrees (Failure to fit gate stops will invalidate your warranty) See our Gate Stop here

6. Use good quality strong fasteners to secure the gate closer brackets (not included)

Gate closer force is increased by using mounting holes further away from the gate post. See how to adjust the speed and force of your gate closer

With this closer there is no risk of maladjustment or tampering with the speed adjustment after the closer is fitted.

Our Lockey Gate Closer is extremely simple to install and only require periodic inspection and joint lubrication.

Each Lockey gate closer kit includes fixing brackets, fitting bar and instructions. Fixings are not included. Button socket head screws are suitable for metal fixing and a similar low profile is suitable for timber fixing.

Alternatively, brackets can be welded to post and gate.

As with most gate closers, it is advisable to fit a mechanical stop** restricting the gate opening angle to avoid damage to the closer.

  • Very quiet operation
  • Pre-set controlled closing speed
  • Robust construction
  • No clockwork mechanisms
  • Low opening hand forces

Material –Steel
Finish -Superior PVC coating
Hinge arrangements-In-line and offset
Opening angle**- 90°

There are three models available, a GC200, GC400 and GC600.
Below is a guide to estimated weights and measurement of gates

In 80% of cases the GC200 is sufficient to operate heavier and larger gates than stated.
If in doubt please feel free to send a photo of your gate and call us on 01763 245245

GC200 model-Up to 1.2m wide (up to 80kg) 250 newtons
GC400 model -1.2 – 1.5m wide (up to 100kg)
GC600 model -1.5 – 2.0m wide (up to 150kg)

Types of gate materials -Metal or timber
Gate closing speed* -Slow hydraulic controlled

The ease of installation and the pre-set closing speed means the Lockey Gate Closer really is ‘Easy’


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