Gate closers are essential when installing gate locks

Gate closers are essential when installing gate locks

Gates are the first line of defence from unwanted intruders, so as importantly as a good gate lock is, it’s just as important to ensure that the gate is closed after every entry and exit.

This is achievable by using a reliable automatic gate closer.

The Lockey GC 200 series Gate Closers are an economic and reliable hydraulically controlled automatic gate closer for use with commercial and domestic gates.

Unlike normal closing springs, the Lockey Gate Closer does not slam gates shut. They firmly and quietly push gates closed, making them ideal for use with electric/magnetic locks, and other latching devices including Lockey digital door locks.

The GC200 series gate closer closing speed is pre-set to give a controlled closing time.

With this closer there is no risk of maladjustment or tampering with the speed adjustment after the closer is fitted.

They are probably the easiest retrofit gate closers to install because the cylinder clamp makes it so easy to insert pins into brackets as there is no pressure being exerted from the cylinder when the clamp is on. The cylinder clamp and the bracket installation template ensure there is always a pressure on the gate keeping it closed, and they only require periodic inspection and joint lubrication.

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