Combination drawer, desk and cabinet lock


Digital Combination drawer, desk & cabinet Lock 3760
Upgrade your locks! not your office furniture

The innovative Eclipse digital combination lock 3760 can be retro-fitted to office furniture and provides a clear upgrade path for new and refurbished office furniture. Working with a removable cylinder, the lock fits neatly into the aperture left in the furniture when the old cylinder is removed.

The lock is also ideal for use in modern office environments where employees work flexibly and move around different areas or sites and do not have allocated desks. Personal and temporary storage for employees’ belongings.

Retro-fits to existing systems which incorporate a removable cylinder

  • Easy to fit with adapter and two screws
  • Right Hand, Left Hand or Vertical options
  • Colour options on front panel
  • Seven-disc, mechanical key over-ride (18 Series)
  • LED Indicator lights
  • 1 x AAA Battery, easy access
  • Long battery life feature (uses NO power when open)
  • Battery condition indication
  • 8 Digit master code
  • 4 Digit user code
  • Public and Private user modes
  • ADA / DDA Compliant as standard

A simple three-stage process to upgrade your existing furniture

remove digital lock cylinder
Remove the cylinder with the remover key
install lock adapter
Install the adapter
new cabinet lock fits neatly
The Eclipse lock fits neatly over the top
eclipse lock in position
Finished lock in position

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